Whether you’re getting into business for the first time or you’re a business veteran, there’s always a lot you don’t know.


There are essentially important elements when it comes to starting a new business or growing a established business.


There are essentially five important elements when it comes to starting a new business or growing a established business.


About JTAX Business Solutions

We at JTAX Business Advice model focus on the following to help individuals achieve their business goals: 

  1. A focus on developing businesses through digital business means. We start by assessing your business to jointly determine the most effective strategy and implementation plan.

  2. A focus on leading edge implementation and developing software and related technology service businesses; and  

  3. Our business services and support group (Back office administrative, operational and marketing services).  

We are a passionate team of business building and franchise experts, committed to changing your business for the better. We are an end-to-end business development and advice firm, incorporating legal, consulting, recruitment, brand & marketing, and technology to build successful businesses.  

By focusing on specific, interrelated market niches such as intellectual property driven businesses and related services, we can develop significant levels of market expertise and better leverage our internal operations to achieve superior profit margins.  

In operating the business, we focus on following our Core Values and achieving the following key objectives: increasing working capital each fiscal year; acquiring and/or developing at least one new business each fiscal year; continuously improving our value proposition to the end-user customers and franchisees each year; continuously investing in our working environment and developing our management team and staff; increasing our philanthropic commitments each fiscal year.  

We have combined this business strategy with a determined long-term investment and management philosophy that is predicated upon the assumption that, unlike private equity groups, we will use our capital to acquire and develop businesses with no pre-determined plans to “flip” or resell them. Thus, we are not driven by short-term financial hurdles or conditions by ensuring we meet the need to satisfy long- term third-party syndicate investor owners and financial institutions.  

It is generally recognized that there are only 3 ways to wealth. Compounding, leverage and duplication. Your business has an important part to play in this. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? 

Meet The Team
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Rudolf Hopfner
Founder and Principal

Business can be stressful…but it doesn’t have to be! In my 35+ years of owning and managing both businesses and tax practices I’ve come across a secret formula that works… ASKING FOR HELP. And that’s what I’m all about…helping. At a modest, fixed price, small monthly investment. This  gives you access to extraordinary business-building resources

Steven Smith
Senior Accountant

With over two decades of experience working in the accounting, business development and small business advisory industries, I have built up a wide range of skills, qualifications and real world practical experience that will benefit my J TAX clients.

Bruce Warner
Financial Manager

Just as I love working with wood to create solid structures, I also love getting my hands on the foundations of small and medium businesses. A financial manager with more than 35 years’ experience, I will shore up the structure of your business, allowing it to grow as solid as cedar.

Trevor Morley
Finance Consultant

Trevor has been working in the Finance Industry for over 20 years. Trevor is a member of the MFAA and the Credit and Investments Ombudsman.

Anthony Read
Business Consultant

With over 25 years’ of financial services experience, I have a wide variety of knowledge and skill in a range of areas such as Financial Markets, Funds Management and Financial Advisory industries in both Australia and the UK.

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Ben Riley
Information Technology

With a specific interest in Business Development and Administrative Design utilizing todays technology. Ben will assist you with SEO technology.

Lauren Jacobs
Marketing Administrator

With a specific interest in Business Development and Administrative Design, I enjoy helping people streamline their operations, expand their businesses and manage their time more effectively.